I had constant pain in my right knee, I’m virtually pain free after my treatment. Recovery time after karate practice used to be multiple days, now I’m back up and moving the next day.


I’m feeling about 90% better, I can now drive without pain.


I had severe ankle pain and couldn’t lift my foot. Now, 2 months after treatment, I feel fantastic, 90% relief, it doesn’t hurt. I couldn’t be happier.


I had really bad pain in my right knee, my joints were sore and unmovable. I started treatment a month ago and now my knee feels like brand new.


I’m happy I had Stem Cell treatment done on my right knee. I would recommend it to anybody.


Pain, stiffness, I could not use my left hand at all. I couldn’t pick anything up, and would drop things from the pain if I could pick them up. I am feeling 99% better, I can do anything I want.


I noticed within 2-3 weeks, after I received the injections, that I could walk with ZERO pain, which was the most exciting thing ever.


2-3 weeks after the treatment I felt less & less pain. I’m up to the point now where I wake up pain free 99% of the time.


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