It’s no secret that Stem cell therapy is an excellent treatment method used to promote regeneration in arthritic joints. Over the last few decades, arthritic patients have been finding relief from their chronic joint pain and inflammation. Stem Cell therapy, along with range of motion exercises, will help to prevent the patient’s joint pain from coming back over time. 

To ensure best results from Stem Cell treatment and to promote regeneration, patients must move consistently. That’s why it’s important to be proactive in preventing the pain, inflammation, and stiffness from returning after stem cell therapy treatment. After stem cell therapy injections, the medical professionals at Greenwood Regenerative Medicine will instruct the patient to perform a series of range of motion exercises. Our patients who consistently follow the range of motion exercises we provide to them see the best results in the long run. 

Joint Regeneration Relies on Movement for blood flow to carry nutrients to the joint.

Stem cells need consistent movement to prevent the inflammation and stiffness from recurring years down the line. Without adequate movement, the motion and strength of the joint will continue to decrease over time. Our joints depend upon movement for blood flow to carry nutrients into the joint. 

Since joints rely on the motion, when there is a lack of movement, there is a lack of nutrients being sent to the joint, causing an acceleration in joint degeneration. Over time, the joint’s motion and strength will begin to decrease, causing the muscles to degenerate. Similar to when you put a cast on a broken leg, the lack of movement causes the joints to degenerate.Inflammation affects joints as well as the muscles and tendons that surround the joints, causing pain and discomfort in arthritic patients.

We’re Here to Help

Here at Greenwood Regenerative Medicine, we value the recovery of our patients and highly encourage them to continue range of motion exercises post-treatment. We are here to help. If you’re wondering if Stem Cell Therapy Treatment is the next step for you, contact us today!