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At Greenwood, we treat our patients using Regenerative Medicine Therapies that proactively heal the body and prevent the need for surgery.

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At Greenwood Regenerative Medicine, we believe in the importance of preventative proactive care to achieve pain relief and improve quality of life. We help our patients reduce debilitating joint pain, and may delay or replace a surgical procedure by proactively treating symptoms early on and slowing the progression of joint disease. In many cases, we can help our patients slow joint degeneration and diminish the severity of joint pain.

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Why Greenwood Regenerative Medicine

With over 60 years of clinical experience, we use proven natural regenerative treatments to proactively heal the body by decreasing inflammation and repairing tissue.

Effective Screening

We thoroughly assess each candidate to provide individualized treatment to ensure positive outcomes with realistic expectations.

Superior Products

Patient care and satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why we research and source only the best and highest-quality regenerative medicine therapy products.

Precision is Our Priority

Every treatment is administered by a highly qualified medical specialist using ultrasound guiding technology to ensure precise therapeutic placement for the best possible outcome.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?


Clinically Tested

For decades, scientists have studied and tested advanced regenerative stem cell and hyaluronic acid therapy treatments in clinical trials. Regenerative medicine treatment results have shown promising indications that the therapy is highly effective in the majority of patients.

The ultimate goal of therapeutic medicines triggering the body’s natural healing systems to regenerate and repair cells and tissues.

Our unique stem cell and hyaluronic acid therapy treatments are administered by highly qualified medical specialists who use ultrasound technology to guide and administer treatments with the utmost accuracy.


Long term relief with Less Side Effects

Regenerative Medicine treatment is minimally-invasive allowing patients to return to their regular activities soon after receiving treatment. In contrast to traditional solutions like joint replacement surgery, regenerative therapies have very high rates of success along with minimal side effects. The regenerative therapy we administer can result in long-lasting improvements in pain levels and joint function.


Safe and Regulated

The medical specialists at Greenwood Regenerative Medicine go to great lengths to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction. All of our treatments and recommendations focus on maximizing patient outcomes while complying with the most rigorous FDA and medical guidelines.

We only provide our patients with the highest quality products available, through our carefully selected laboratories and medical resources.

Dr. Tom Toulios

Dr. Tom Toulios, D.C. is dedicated to providing his patients with regenerative care using special techniques to determine the whole patient’s needs. Dr. Toulios received his doctorate degree from Life University and has been providing care, treatment, and compassion to patients of all ages in and around the Mount Greenwood, Beverly, Oak Lawn, and Chicago, IL areas for over a decade.


Dr. Michael Hausch D.C.

Dr. Michael Hausch D.C is a passionate chiropractor who has been in practice since 1994, completing his chiropractic education at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, which drastically changed the way he viewed health. He realized the body heals itself, and no medication can replace the human body’s natural ability to heal. Since then, he has been dedicated to helping people achieve better health and get out of pain with chiropractic and regenerative care.

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